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VLCD 22 & 23 (and Apple Day)

On Tuesday (VLCD 22), I woke up to a 0.2 gain! While I had been singing about the greatness of coconut oil, could it be stabbing me in the back? Maybe it just doesn’t work with HCG? I think I’m going to stop using it until after the diet. 

I haven’t lost much weight since beginning this diet, but I’m officially in a stall. Dr. Simeon’s said that a stall was four or more days without weight loss. It was exactly four days for me. 

While Dr. Simeon’s believes a stall eventually corrects itself, he developed a few strategies to help break it. One such strategy is Apple Day. This is eating up to six apples between noon one day and about noon the next. Have your coffee/tea for breakfast then have apples until lunch the next day while still taking your HCG drops. Dr. Simeon’s said this should get the scale moving again.

The thought of eating apples all day did not sound appetizing to me. I was going to give it another few days before taking this drastic route. 

I ended up doing an unplanned Apple Day yesterday (VLCD 23). I spent all day tiling my kitchen. (Yes, I felt very capable after watching a how-to video on YouTube!) What I expected would take a few hours ended up taking the full day…and I’m still not done. By 5 pm, I realized I had not eaten, but it was time to pick up my daughter, so I grabbed an apple. I went home to prepare something to eat, but my daughter reminded me that she had to go to choir rehearsal. By this time, it was 7 pm. I planned to grab an orange, but there were none, so I took another apple. We returned home just after 10 pm and by then, I had no appetite, so I ate another apple. 

Today, I had a loss of 0.8 lbs. While I’m happy to see the scale move in the right direction, I’m still 0.4 lbs over my Saturday weight. 

Before giving up, I think I’ll wait and take my measurements on Saturday and at least finish up week 4. Then I’ll make a decision. Let’s see if the scale continues to move…

Here’s a before and after photo of one portion of my kitchen:  

I worked all day yesterday and never even stopped for my plank and squat challenges. However, I feel like I’ve been lifting weights. Every bone in my body aches today. I slept like a baby last night.  I may not do the challenges today either. I just may finish my kitchen and retire early. 

Grace and peace,