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VLCD 20 (picture day)

Today is my 20th day on HCG 1234 so that means it’s picture day! I share photos every 10 days wearing the same dress. After all, this diet is called pounds and inches. Therefore, I weigh myself, take my measurements, and take photos. Here are photos taken earlier this morning:

Side view; by day 20, I look a little more confident

Arms out; hips getting a little smaller

Better view of arms; why don’t they look any smaller?

By the way, I can stay on this plan as little as three weeks or as long as six weeks. Tomorrow makes exactly 21 days, so I can end then, or any day thereafter. However, I think I’m going to continue. I plan on giving it a go another 2-3 weeks. 

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in NJ. I’ve done my squats and planks for the day, and now I’m sipping green tea on my deck and reading a book. Life feels good now…

My view on my deck

My Bichon, Snowflake, rests at my feet

Enjoy the rest of your day! Grace and peace…


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HCG Online Resources

I am constantly online searching for information about HCG or watching before and after HCG videos on You Tube that celebrate the success others have had on it. I’ve decided to share some of my favorites…

Here are some helpful websites and discussion boards:

I like food and I bore easily with the limited choices (selections) on this diet. Great recipes are extremely helpful and keep me motivated. I look forward to trying new dishes; it makes mealtime more exciting!

Here are some HCG recipe sites:

Here are inspiring HCG success stories on You Tube: 

Disclaimer: The people featured in the above videos may be using different brands of HCG. In fact, some are using “real” HCG and some are using homeopathic HCG. In addition, some are taking the injections and some are taking sublingual drops. Nonetheless, all of the videos are inspiring!

Read, watch, and get inspired!

Grace and peace!