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VLCD 22 & 23 (and Apple Day)

On Tuesday (VLCD 22), I woke up to a 0.2 gain! While I had been singing about the greatness of coconut oil, could it be stabbing me in the back? Maybe it just doesn’t work with HCG? I think I’m going to stop using it until after the diet. 

I haven’t lost much weight since beginning this diet, but I’m officially in a stall. Dr. Simeon’s said that a stall was four or more days without weight loss. It was exactly four days for me. 

While Dr. Simeon’s believes a stall eventually corrects itself, he developed a few strategies to help break it. One such strategy is Apple Day. This is eating up to six apples between noon one day and about noon the next. Have your coffee/tea for breakfast then have apples until lunch the next day while still taking your HCG drops. Dr. Simeon’s said this should get the scale moving again.

The thought of eating apples all day did not sound appetizing to me. I was going to give it another few days before taking this drastic route. 

I ended up doing an unplanned Apple Day yesterday (VLCD 23). I spent all day tiling my kitchen. (Yes, I felt very capable after watching a how-to video on YouTube!) What I expected would take a few hours ended up taking the full day…and I’m still not done. By 5 pm, I realized I had not eaten, but it was time to pick up my daughter, so I grabbed an apple. I went home to prepare something to eat, but my daughter reminded me that she had to go to choir rehearsal. By this time, it was 7 pm. I planned to grab an orange, but there were none, so I took another apple. We returned home just after 10 pm and by then, I had no appetite, so I ate another apple. 

Today, I had a loss of 0.8 lbs. While I’m happy to see the scale move in the right direction, I’m still 0.4 lbs over my Saturday weight. 

Before giving up, I think I’ll wait and take my measurements on Saturday and at least finish up week 4. Then I’ll make a decision. Let’s see if the scale continues to move…

Here’s a before and after photo of one portion of my kitchen:  

I worked all day yesterday and never even stopped for my plank and squat challenges. However, I feel like I’ve been lifting weights. Every bone in my body aches today. I slept like a baby last night.  I may not do the challenges today either. I just may finish my kitchen and retire early. 

Grace and peace,


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VLCD 20 (picture day)

Today is my 20th day on HCG 1234 so that means it’s picture day! I share photos every 10 days wearing the same dress. After all, this diet is called pounds and inches. Therefore, I weigh myself, take my measurements, and take photos. Here are photos taken earlier this morning:

Side view; by day 20, I look a little more confident

Arms out; hips getting a little smaller

Better view of arms; why don’t they look any smaller?

By the way, I can stay on this plan as little as three weeks or as long as six weeks. Tomorrow makes exactly 21 days, so I can end then, or any day thereafter. However, I think I’m going to continue. I plan on giving it a go another 2-3 weeks. 

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in NJ. I’ve done my squats and planks for the day, and now I’m sipping green tea on my deck and reading a book. Life feels good now…

My view on my deck

My Bichon, Snowflake, rests at my feet

Enjoy the rest of your day! Grace and peace…


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VLCD 10 (Pounds AND Inches)

Today, I truly learned why this diet expects us to monitor losses in pounds and inches. I weighed myself this morning and lost another 0.6 lbs. I wished for a greater loss. My current total weight loss is less than 10 lbs after completing 10 full very low carb days on HCG 1234. While I know I’m considered in the average weight loss range…and by those standards, I’m doing well, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on. My mind tells me I should have a higher total weight loss. 

So today, I decided to “see” myself. I put on the same dress I wore when I posted photos on VLCD 1 and posed in the same positions. I can see a difference after only 10 days!!! While my scale is not showing great losses, the diet is working and I am losing. Take a look at these photos:

I’m not losing a lot of pounds, but the photos show that I’m clearly losing inches. My hips are smaller and my stomach is not protruding as much. I don’t look like a big pear now…I’m a smaller pear 😜.

 My body is changing and I am thrilled! 

Recently, someone told me that I looked like I was losing weight. I quickly responded, “No I haven’t.” I think I was so focused on how far I had to go that I couldn’t see how far I had come. Moving forward, I will consider both pounds and inches and will look back at the road traveled instead of being discouraged by the road ahead of me. 

I plan to take and post an updated photo every so often…probably every 10 days. And remember, my measurement day is coming up on Saturday. I’m praying for a huge loss in inches then. 

Lessons learned:

  • Take photos of yourself periodically and compare them so you can see and celebrate your own progress. Try to wear the same clothes and stand in the same position. 

I feel pretty good right now. Now it’s time for lunch: I have grilled Cajun shrimp over fresh spinach leaves in an ACV dressing. 

Grace and peace!


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HCG Online Resources

I am constantly online searching for information about HCG or watching before and after HCG videos on You Tube that celebrate the success others have had on it. I’ve decided to share some of my favorites…

Here are some helpful websites and discussion boards:

I like food and I bore easily with the limited choices (selections) on this diet. Great recipes are extremely helpful and keep me motivated. I look forward to trying new dishes; it makes mealtime more exciting!

Here are some HCG recipe sites:

Here are inspiring HCG success stories on You Tube: 

Disclaimer: The people featured in the above videos may be using different brands of HCG. In fact, some are using “real” HCG and some are using homeopathic HCG. In addition, some are taking the injections and some are taking sublingual drops. Nonetheless, all of the videos are inspiring!

Read, watch, and get inspired!

Grace and peace!


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Daily Weight Loss Log with Week 1 Totals

I made an error when I calculated my total loss! I initially indicated that my total loss for week 1 was only 4.2 lbs. It was actually 5.4 lbs. This totally works out in my favor. I happily corrected all previous blog posts.  

As I reflected on the week, I realized that as much as I complained about small losses, I have to be thankful for losses every day. I do not take this for granted. Any loss is better than no loss…or heaven forbid, a gain!

Each week, I’ll post an updated, running list so you can better see my progress. Here’s my list beginning from VLCD 1: 

Starting Weight 195.8 lbs 

VLCD 1 July 5 – did not weigh 

VLCD 2 July 6 – did not weigh 

VLCD 3 July 7 – 192.8 (-3.0) Keep in mind that this loss took place between VLCD 1 and VLCD 3. I did not weigh myself on VLCD 1 and VLCD 2. 

VLCD 4 July 8 – 191.8 (-1.0)

VLCD 5 July 9 – 191.4 (-0.4)

VLCD 6 July 10 – 190.8 (-0.6)

VLCD 7 July 11 – 190.4 (-0.4)

WEEK 1 LOSS = 5.4 lbs

VLCD 8 July 12 – 189.2 (-1.2)

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VLCD 7 – yesterday (Week one results and TOM)

(I forgot to post this yesterday, July 11th): 

I did it!!! I completed a full week on the HCG diet. To be honest, it was bearable. I didn’t experience much hunger in the daytime during week one because I sipped on coffee and water throughout. However, I did get hungry at night on occasion. This may be because this is typically when I would eat late night snacks. I pressed through and now the nighttime hunger is subsiding.

Yesterday, I listed several tips I was going to begin to follow. Here’s what I ate/drank:

Breakfast: HCG drops, cup of coffee with 1 TBS of milk and 15 drops of cinnamon and vanilla flavored stevia. (You could also use stevia packets, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.)

Lunch: HCG drops, 100 g poached tilapia with garlic and lemon, 3 cups spinach sautéed in water/garlic/ACV

Afternoon snack: 1 raw apple (sometimes I bake or nuke it and mix in stevia)

Dinner: HCG drops, 100 g grilled chicken, 3 cups lettuce with dressing made of ACV/yellow mustard/stevia

Night snack: 1 orange

Before bed, I drank 2 TBS of ACV in 1 cup of water. Throughout the day, I also drank 6 cups of plain water, 2 cups of water with lemon and stevia, and 2 cups of green tea with stevia.

I stayed away from the Melba toast and the beef.

I weighed myself this morning and I dropped another .4 lbs to 190.4. Am I happy with a loss? Yes. Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose more? Yes. I have to keep reminding myself to celebrate even small losses. My total weight loss for this full week on HCG 1234 is only 5.4 lbs. Where is the dramatic loss I’ve seen others experience? I know everyone is different, but sheesh! I didn’t even lose the one pound per day that is expected during the first week. I began in the 190s and ended in the 190s.

slow and steady

I can’t help but think of the old adage slow and steady wins the race. If that’s true, then I am definitely a winner. And yes…I’m being sarcastic.

Hmm…but now I have an “aha moment.” Today began that time of the month (TOM) for me. Perhaps that is impacting my losses? I spend my time Googling things I want to know, so in my research today, it stated that women retain water during TOM which causes us to actually gain weight. This is known as “water weight.” One site recommended that the best thing to do is to wait until after my cycle to see if there’s a loss. I’m nearly 48 years old and have been experiencing TOM since age 12. I know that I regularly gain weight during that time. So if for the past few days I have been losing weight in the midst of TOM, even in small increments, wouldn’t that mean that this HCG diet is actually working for me?

Nonetheless…I am pressing on and today is my eighth day on this protocol. I’m counting on continued losses (even if small) and hoping for a nice loss by the end of the week once I say goodbye to TOM.

Grace and peace,