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Yesterday I  mainly ate my protein and fruit. Today I woke up to a loss of .8 lbs. I am now 186.6. On Saturday, before my cheat, I was 186.8. Three days after my cheat, I am finally below my “pre-cheat” weight by.2 lbs. Based on this, my assumption is that after a cheat, it will take 3-4 days of clean eating to get back on track and start losing again. This whole cheat thing has probably cost me about 2 lbs. Saturday’s eating/cheating just wasn’t worth it. 

I must say, though, that I am proud that I didn’t run this time. My first few days on the diet, I cheated, then gave up. This time, I accepted my punishment (weight gain) and stayed on plan. No more giving up for me!!!

On a positive note, I’ve completed seven days on my 30 day challenges. Yesterday, I did 90 squats. I still feel no pain…and I know I’m doing them correctly. The squat has always been one of my favorite exercises. I held my plank for 30 seconds. It was hard, but I did it! Me…who initially struggled with a 12 second plank can now hold it for 30 seconds!

I think I’m going to add some crunches and lower ab exercises to do more work on my pouch. 

Lessons learned:

– After a cheat, eat clean moving forward. DO NOT GIVE UP! 

– Expect 3-4 days until your body readjusts and begins to lose again. 

See you tomorrow! Grace and peace…



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