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Egad! I woke up to a 1.8 weight gain. Yesterday I went to my mother and father-in-law’s 50th anniversary celebration dinner. I deliberately didn’t eat beforehand so I could enjoy the festivities with the rest of the family. My plan was to have chicken and salad. THERE WAS NO SALAD! Isn’t salad a staple at a dinner? In fact, there were no vegetables at all! WTH? There was only broccoli in some type of pasta dish. Unbelievable! I ate some chicken francaise (there was no baked), a small piece of beef, some shrimp stuffed with crab, and a teenie bit of pasta. I was stuffed. 

When the cake came out, I declined. It was made clear that everyone was expected to take a piece of cake to celebrate the honorees. I took a sliver. I drank only seltzer water all day. 

I am devastated by the gain, but not surprised. This was technically a cheat. So today, I’ve opted to do a mini steak day to hopefully lose what I gained and continue losing thereafter. 

What will I eat on this mini steak day???

  • Only coffee or tea for breakfast as usual 
  • Lots of water, coffee and/or tea throughout the rest of the day
  • No lunch
  • For dinner, 100 g of steak  with a serving of tomatoes

From what I researched, that should bring about a loss. So now, I’m resting in bed after a beautiful morning in church, enjoying a Netflix movie, and sipping on a large coffee. I have a big bottle of seltzer water nearby. Later, I’ll grill a steak and tomato on my George Foreman grill. 

Praying for a loss to end Week 2. Until tomorrow…

Grace and peace,



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