For the past few days, I had been feeling a little “backed up”. I increased my water intake and it didn’t help. A few of the HCG forums suggested a laxative tea called Smooth Move.

I bought a box at the local grocery store.  It is a senna-based herbal tea that helps what’s inside to move out smoothly. I made a cup, steeped it in hot water for about 15 min, then drank it last night before going to bed. About eight hours later, I had to go! Everything moved smoothly…and quickly.

The Smooth Move tea definitely did its job. I recommend it for when you’re bloated, uncomfortable, and in need of a BM. It’s best to take it overnight and when you’re near your own bathroom. Do not take it when you have to be somewhere early in the morning. When Smooth Move works, it doesn’t care where you are and there’s no holding it until a more convenient time. I literally fled like Speedy Gonzales from my bedroom…and almost didn’t make it!

I read on one forum how there are people who drink this tea every night in an effort to increase weight loss. However, I don’t think it’s designed for that and further, it just doesn’t sound safe to me. I plan to use it only when I’m uncomfortable and haven’t had a BM in a few days.

After my experience with Smooth Move this morning, I excitedly hopped on the scale. I figured that since I was completely empty, I would have a loss of at least a pound. Not! The scale didn’t care about Smooth Move and showed a loss of only 0.4 lbs. But it’s a loss, so I’ll take it.

As some of you know, I’ve been doing a squat challenge as well as a plank challenge. I’ve completed three days and I don’t have any aches and pains. Yesterday, I had to hold my plank for 15 seconds and I had to do 75 squats. The squats were easier than the planks for me. I HATE PLANKS! Nonetheless, I’ve heard that it’s a great exercise to strengthen the core, so I will persevere. I bought some 2 lb weighted gloves from a store called Five and Below (where everything costs $5 or less) and did arm exercises for my biceps and triceps. I also wore these gloves when I did my squats. I figure if I’m going to lose pounds and inches, I should try to tone at the same time.

I’ll check in tomorrow. Until then…

Grace and peace,



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