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Daily Weight Loss Log with Week 1 Totals

I made an error when I calculated my total loss! I initially indicated that my total loss for week 1 was only 4.2 lbs. It was actually 5.4 lbs. This totally works out in my favor. I happily corrected all previous blog posts.  

As I reflected on the week, I realized that as much as I complained about small losses, I have to be thankful for losses every day. I do not take this for granted. Any loss is better than no loss…or heaven forbid, a gain!

Each week, I’ll post an updated, running list so you can better see my progress. Here’s my list beginning from VLCD 1: 

Starting Weight 195.8 lbs 

VLCD 1 July 5 – did not weigh 

VLCD 2 July 6 – did not weigh 

VLCD 3 July 7 – 192.8 (-3.0) Keep in mind that this loss took place between VLCD 1 and VLCD 3. I did not weigh myself on VLCD 1 and VLCD 2. 

VLCD 4 July 8 – 191.8 (-1.0)

VLCD 5 July 9 – 191.4 (-0.4)

VLCD 6 July 10 – 190.8 (-0.6)

VLCD 7 July 11 – 190.4 (-0.4)

WEEK 1 LOSS = 5.4 lbs

VLCD 8 July 12 – 189.2 (-1.2)


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