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Can you believe it? I lost 1.2 lbs overnight…during TOM when I normally gain. Oh, if you could see me now. I am doing the happy dance! I feel crampy as usual…but I don’t care! I weighed in at 189.2. Goodbye 190s…SEE YA! 

This is the type of loss I’ve been waiting for and I hope it continues. 

Today I’m having lunch outside. I’m eating grilled chicken over a bed of lettuce and will snack on an apple later. I’m sipping on bottled water. 

Yesterday, I grilled burgers and hot dogs for my family. While I was at it, I grilled my own food for the week. That included several pieces of chicken and one 93% lean beef hamburger. (Remember, I’m only having beef once or twice each week.) I seasoned several pieces of tilapia in Old Bay and garlic, wrapped them in foil, and grilled those as well. I also put some shrimp on skewers and grilled them. I’m all set for the rest of the week. 

There’s no stopping me now. I feel like the little engine that could….

Until tomorrow…grace and peace!



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