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VLCD 7 – yesterday (Week one results and TOM)

(I forgot to post this yesterday, July 11th): 

I did it!!! I completed a full week on the HCG diet. To be honest, it was bearable. I didn’t experience much hunger in the daytime during week one because I sipped on coffee and water throughout. However, I did get hungry at night on occasion. This may be because this is typically when I would eat late night snacks. I pressed through and now the nighttime hunger is subsiding.

Yesterday, I listed several tips I was going to begin to follow. Here’s what I ate/drank:

Breakfast: HCG drops, cup of coffee with 1 TBS of milk and 15 drops of cinnamon and vanilla flavored stevia. (You could also use stevia packets, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.)

Lunch: HCG drops, 100 g poached tilapia with garlic and lemon, 3 cups spinach sautéed in water/garlic/ACV

Afternoon snack: 1 raw apple (sometimes I bake or nuke it and mix in stevia)

Dinner: HCG drops, 100 g grilled chicken, 3 cups lettuce with dressing made of ACV/yellow mustard/stevia

Night snack: 1 orange

Before bed, I drank 2 TBS of ACV in 1 cup of water. Throughout the day, I also drank 6 cups of plain water, 2 cups of water with lemon and stevia, and 2 cups of green tea with stevia.

I stayed away from the Melba toast and the beef.

I weighed myself this morning and I dropped another .4 lbs to 190.4. Am I happy with a loss? Yes. Am I disappointed that I didn’t lose more? Yes. I have to keep reminding myself to celebrate even small losses. My total weight loss for this full week on HCG 1234 is only 5.4 lbs. Where is the dramatic loss I’ve seen others experience? I know everyone is different, but sheesh! I didn’t even lose the one pound per day that is expected during the first week. I began in the 190s and ended in the 190s.

slow and steady

I can’t help but think of the old adage slow and steady wins the race. If that’s true, then I am definitely a winner. And yes…I’m being sarcastic.

Hmm…but now I have an “aha moment.” Today began that time of the month (TOM) for me. Perhaps that is impacting my losses? I spend my time Googling things I want to know, so in my research today, it stated that women retain water during TOM which causes us to actually gain weight. This is known as “water weight.” One site recommended that the best thing to do is to wait until after my cycle to see if there’s a loss. I’m nearly 48 years old and have been experiencing TOM since age 12. I know that I regularly gain weight during that time. So if for the past few days I have been losing weight in the midst of TOM, even in small increments, wouldn’t that mean that this HCG diet is actually working for me?

Nonetheless…I am pressing on and today is my eighth day on this protocol. I’m counting on continued losses (even if small) and hoping for a nice loss by the end of the week once I say goodbye to TOM.

Grace and peace,



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