It’s been four days of very low carb eating and taking my HCG 1234 drops. I woke up and went directly to the scale. I weighed in at 191.8 lbs – so I’m down another pound since yesterday. That’s four more sticks of butter gone…GO ME! While I’m happy about the loss, it is still devastating to see how much I weigh. Nonetheless, I’ll try to remain encouraged and motivated.

I’m trying to remember when and how I gained this weight. A cheerleader in HS, I always maintained a weight of about 110. I know that’s because I was young and active. I had my first child at age 29. Within months, I was back to 110 lbs. I had my second (and last) child at 31 and have been up and down with my weight ever since. I questioned my doctor about why I was having such difficulty losing weight after my second pregnancy and he simply said that a woman’s metabolism changes after age 30. WTH?

The HCG diet supposedly resets the hypothalamus. (NOTE: I used the word supposedly because this is not my area of expertise; so I’m not certain.) I did a Google search and found that the hypothalamus is “a region of the forebrain below the thalamus that coordinates both the autonomic nervous system and the activity of the pituitary, controlling body temperature, thirst, hunger, and other homeostatic systems, and involved in sleep and emotional activity.” Perhaps this diet will speed up my metabolism. I also don’t sleep well so maybe this will also improve over the course of the diet. Dr. Simeon’s discusses the hypothalamus in his book Pounds and Inches. (see my VLCD 2 post for a copy of the book).

And speaking of pounds and inches, that brings me to something else I wish I had done. I recorded my starting weight, but failed to take and record my measurements. It’s still fairly early in the diet, so I’ll do that in the morning and post. Dr. Simeon’s said that it’s possible to lose inches even when you don’t lose pounds. Both are causes for celebration!

Here are some tips for measuring:

  1. I read that it’s best to measure yourself weekly, on the same day and at the same time. This will give you a true comparison.
  2. Measure yourself in the thickest area possible and be sure to measure yourself in that same area weekly. (I have a lot of thick areas!)
  3. Use a soft, flexible, moldable measuring tape that wraps/folds easily around your arms and thighs and other areas. I plan to use a long measuring tape like the ones used by seamstresses/tailors.
  4. When you take your measurements, the tape should be firm, but not too tight and not too loose.
  5. Measure the following body parts and record: chest, waist, right upper arm, left upper arm, waist, hips, buttocks, right upper thigh, left upper thigh, right knee, left knee, right calf, left calf. I might even measure my neck. 

Here is my lesson learned bullet for today:

  • Take and record your measurements before starting the diet. Then take your measurements weekly during the diet. Always measure on the same day, at the same time, and in the same areas. Monitor the inches lost as you monitor the pounds lost.

Gotta go…time for me to eat my 100 g of grilled chicken and my salad!

Until tomorrow….grace and peace!






8 thoughts on “VLCD 4

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I had no idea know how much fat I was eating each day so I’m glad you asked this question. It forced me to do research (below). I estimate that I have 6 to 10 g fat/day based on my food selections. You sound like someone who might be “in the know”. Does this sound reasonable?

      2 – 100 g servings protein/day
      chicken 3.6g
      tilapia 1.7g
      lean ground beef 7 g

      2 servings of fruit/day
      apple .3 g
      orange .1 g
      6-10 strawberries .3
      1/2 grapefruit .2

      2 servings vegetables/day
      tomatoe .2
      2 c. cabbage .2
      1 med onion .1
      2 c. lettuce .2
      asparagus .2

      Optional – Melba toast .2 (2 pieces/day or 1 piece w/each meal)


      • Well, if 4 years of LC(I)HF, 18kg weight loss (that has stayed off..), waist 107cm down to 90 cm, great bloods and other biomarkers, extensive personal research, just turned 50, feel like 18 again counts, then perhaps I am “in the know” haha :))
        Anyway, about your diet..
        First and obvious question is “where’s all the fat”?? Whether you are keto or not you MUST get essential fats into your system, see here:
        Make sure you start adding in SFAs & MUFAs e.g. olive oil and salmon. Also, how about adding some bacon and eggs? I eat 15-20 eggs per week :)) These fats are essential for cellular health.
        Protein seems fine. Adult humans require only max 2g protein / kg lean body mass anyway. Going over that can spike your insulin in the same way as carbs and will make you feel sick.
        Fruit: I suggest that with the exception of a small amount of berries, you drop ALL fruit altogether. It’s just water and fructose after all. Fructose places a heavy load on your liver and can lead to liver damage. There’s nothing in fruit that can’t be sourced elsewhere without the fructose penalty, see here:
        Stay clear of dairy: highly inflammatory and as with fruit, there’s nothing in dairy that can’t be sourced elsewhere without the inflammation penalty, see here:
        Apart from that, looks pretty good!
        Any further q’s, just hit me up! :))


      • Hi Nick. I agree…and I do miss some fats. Trust me, this diet will only be for a short period. My plan is to continue on an “Atkins-like” plan afterward, limiting rice, pasta, sweets, etc. and enjoying my veggies, eggs, and meats COOKED IN OIL! I’m not much of a fruit eater, but it’s part of the diet plan.


      • I actually have an appointment scheduled for August…one I’ve been delaying, but it’s time. I’m not supplementing, but I’m open to recommendations.


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