VLCD 3 (for real)

So…let me clarify the title of today’s post. I fell off the wagon last week.

I began my HCG diet without knowing that my sister-in-law was going to throw a last minute birthday party for my brother. I arrived to their house on Monday, June 28th with the best of intentions. However, when I got there, I saw (and smelled) BBQ chicken, fried chicken, shrimp and rice, burgers, hot dogs, and of course there was cake. And my sister-in-law makes the best homemade ice cream cakes. Surprisingly, it was none of those items that made me lose control so early in my diet. It was the chips, pretzels, and onion dip. Can you believe it?!?!? How embarrassing! I planned to eat just a few, and then I couldn’t stop. That one taste led to my desire for more and then it encouraged me to eat everything else. Instead of giving myself a pep talk and going back on the diet immediately, I continued to enjoy foods of all kinds for the next few days.

By Saturday, July 2nd, I found my clothes to be even tighter than before. (Yikes!) Fear kept me from getting on the scale to confirm my weight gain.

Should I forget about this diet or should I press on? The desire to reduce my belly, coupled with an upcoming family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard in August, was my motivation to do it right this time and stick to it.

On July 4th, I started over – VLCD 1. I had no real plans for the 4th of July so it was perfect for me. My children went to a family BBQ and I elected to stay home. I did fine and I’ve been doing fine ever since. I did not weigh myself because I could not bear to see a weight greater than with which I started (195.8). In hindsight, I wish I had.

This morning, I weighed myself after completing VLCD 3 and I’m now 192.8 lbs. Whatever I gained, I obviously lost. So now I’m down 3.0 lbs from my initial starting weight. I hope to be in the 180s by Saturday (in two days). I wish I knew what I gained during my binge and what I lost. I will never NOT weigh myself again.

What really helped was buying, prepping, and preparing food in advance. I weighed all of my proteins and put them in separate baggies. On Sunday, I precooked a lot of chicken, fish, and some beef. — enough to last through the work week. I have a lot of fresh vegetables and a wide variety of them. The temptation to cheat is reduced if the food is already prepared.

Now, I’ll add to my lessons learned:

  • Buy your food in advance. Weigh your proteins and ensure you have the right amount per meal (100 g or 3.5 oz). YOU MUST HAVE A FOOD SCALE!
  • Precook your food when possible…especially your protein. You’re less apt to cheat if your foods are prepared in advance.
  • If you’re going to an outing where food will be served, take your own meal if possible. Be mindful of the venue. This would’ve worked at my brother’s house, but would be unacceptable at a wedding reception!
  • Just a sample of a food not on protocol can lead to major cheating. In fact, eating just a sample is cheating! Refrain from doing it.
  • If you cheat, it’s not license to continue to go off protocol as I did. Figure out what tempted you and try to remove that barrier. Then pick up and carry on! (NOTE: There are tips for what to do after a cheat day, but I don’t want to get into that now. At this point, I feel like I would be giving myself permission to cheat knowing that there’s “a fix”. However,  I promise to research it soon.)
  • Don’t be afraid to get on the scale regardless of what happened on any particular day. This is what I regret. I should’ve weighed myself and continued on the plan the day after I cheated.  Instead, I took the cowardly approach. DON’T BE LIKE ME! I wonder how much further along I would have been in my weight loss had I continued on the plan. I’ll never know.  Instead, I wasted about a week. Ugh!

So now, I’m on my fourth day eating low carb and I’m feeling great. I haven’t had any major problems and any hunger is easily satisfied with water. My new thing is liquid, flavored Stevia drops.  I put a few drops in selzter water and it tastes like soda. I also put the dark chocolate Stevia in coffee for a mocha kick. Today, I baked an apple and put in a few drops of the cinnamon vanilla Stevia. Mmm!

I used Better Stevia; purchased at a local health food store. Other popular brands are Sweet Leaf and NuNaturals. 

That’s all for now…moving onward.

Grace and peace!




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