I drank sparkling water in the middle of the night so I had “to go” when I woke up this morning. I attempted to make a quick run to the restroom and was stopped by soreness in my body. I had forgotten that I did a workout yesterday. While the HCG plan doesn’t require exercise, I opted to do a 20 minute session from Gilad’s Bodies in Motion. My workout included a warmup, lite cardio, toning, and ab work. I found the video on You Tube and enjoyed it so much that I ordered a few of Gilad’s workouts on iTunes. The workouts can be easily modified for even those who don’t workout regularly. You can find the workout I did at

Today was my official weigh-in after eating VLC for the first day yesterday. I was filled with excitement as I prepared to weigh myself, but then fear set in. I was almost positive I lost weight after my first day’s sacrifice. But…what if I didn’t? Or what if I didn’t lose enough? I’ve read about people having amazing first day/first week losses on HCG 1234. What if I didn’t fit in that category? Besides, although I wasn’t expecting a miracle (OK…yes, I was), my stomach didn’t look or feel any different to me and that’s where I carry my weight. Maybe I’m expecting too much to see a noticeable change in my tummy, but a girl can hope, right? 

It was time. I took the plunge and stepped on the scale. Wait….what? I lost only one stinking pound! Are you kidding me?!?!? I stepped off the scale. Surely something must be wrong. I stepped on again. The scale read 194.8. Yep…one itty, bitty pound. The Me that makes excuses said, “The batteries in that scale are dying and need to be replaced. That’s why the scale is wrong.” Then logical Me took over and said, “Let’s reflect and figure out what went wrong.”

I decided to skim Dr. Simeon’s book again, Pounds and Inches. You can find it here:

I think I see where I made my error. My coffee yesterday didn’t include my allotted one tbsp of milk…it had cream and lots of it…exactly how I like it from Dunkin Donuts. Could that be the problem? Unable to drink coffee without cream, I opted for green tea with stevia today. 

Secondly, I don’t think I drank enough water. My guess is that I had about five cups; surely that wasn’t enough. Dr. Simeon recommends two liters of water each day, about 8+ cups. 

Lastly, I read on a website (Livestrong, I think) that exercise can be counterproductive on this diet. Yikes! I didn’t know that! I read that if exercise was something I was already doing before the diet (which I wasn’t) I could continue. Otherwise, I could do something very lite like walking. Perhaps I should just enjoy leisure walks with my Snowflake moving forward. 

My adorable 7 year old Bichon, Snowflake

I’m disappointed in the small loss, but happy that it wasn’t a gain. In fact, if I compare my loss to something visual like sticks of butter, I’ve lost four! On second thought, instead of being disappointed, I’ll take my four sticks!
Today for lunch, I had 100 g of London Broil (grilled), asparagus, and an apple. For dinner, I’ll have garlic chicken and spinach and maybe a half grapefruit. 

Lessons learned so far: 

  • No cream – only 1 tbsp milk/day
  • drink at least 8+ cups of water/day
  • No strenuous exercise; try walking
  • Appreciate small losses; they’re better than gains

Still motivated….

Grace and peace, Raquel


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